Work / Britain’s Bravest Manufacturing Company

Britain’s Bravest Manufacturing Company

Skills: Sketch, UX Design, HTML3, CSS3, WordPress, Divi

*Project undertaken while working for a web agency.


Britain’s Bravest Manufacturing Company are a market leader for producing road and rail signs. They’re also the UK’s leading social enterprise, employing military veterans and people with disabilities.

They needed a website overhaul that helped emphasise their unique story and mission. While making it easier for customers to access the services they need.


I was responsible for the design and build of a brand new website. As part of the new look, it was important to highlight the company’s major clients, and to use engaging infographics to show the scale and productivity.

A user testing session drew extremely positive reactions. Users enjoyed the simplified navigation, and complimented the unique design which they felt helped communicate the company’s rich history.